Dugal Macdiarmid

Who do you most respect in the industry and why?
Walter Murch was the Sound Designer on Apocalypse Now. He's a real hero of mine. After he became the best in the business he decided to jack it in and become an editor. He must be the only person to have won Academy Awards for two completely different disciplines.
Most takes ever done in a V/O recording?
the more you do, the more likely someone will say, ‘can we go back to take one please!’
I couldn't live without?
I couldn't live without your love, petula clark. banging track
The key part to any soundtrack is?
I'm not sure there's a key part. It's a careful balancing act between all ingredients.
How does sound influence the perception of video?
David Lynch and George Lucas say movies are 50% sound. I'd agree with Danny Boyle who says it's more like 80%. So maybe the question should be,
What's your secret talent?
Backwards write can I.

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