Johnnie Burn

Who do you most respect in the industry and why?
Walter Murch, he's an extraordinarily good filmmaker, who luckily enough for us is mostly plying his trade in sound.
Which advert do you wish you had done?
I don't. But I wish I was a runner or something on Apocalypse Now. All the sound in that film sounds like cliché now, but at the time it was clearly about as seminal as they come.
What's your secret talent?
I can tell a car make and model at night from its headlights.
Most memorable studio moment?
28 years old, working with Madonna for a week and her knowing more about sound than I did. Gulp
My favourite sound process is?
Final mixing a feature film is my favourite sound process. Nothing quite like turning up on the big dub stage with a director, producer sound team, a graded locked cut and seeing how we are all going to work this out!
Most takes ever done in a V/O recording?
Can't remember but I always found it odd how irregularity favoured take 13 always was.

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