Jack Sedgwick

Who do you most respect in the industry and why?
Kim Papworth. Has such a respect and love of our field and really appreciates how much it can bring to a film. Dude comes up with awesome ideas, I really enjoy working with him.
Which advert do you wish you had done?
BBC Street Music. Such a cool idea, perfectly executed.
Most memorable studio moment?
A director ironing his clothes in my control room because he was going to lunch. Not a change of clothes, the ones he was wearing.
How does sound influence the perception of video?
Video only tells you what's in front of you. Sound can tell you what's to the left. Above, behind and how to feel about those things.
The key part to any soundtrack is?
A well placed fart sound effect.
I couldn't live without?
My bike…… NO! My wife, definitely my wife…

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