Chris Afzal

What's the best thing about your job?
Helping people discover their sonic vision whilst working together to establish an aural palette that aids in strengthening the overall aesthetic and message.
Most takes ever done in a V/O recording?
711. And it was for two animatics..........
Is loud always good?
No; loud is not always good, and silence is not always bad. Dynamics are an integral component of establishing a balanced mix.
Most memorable studio moment?
When Governor Andrew Cuomo bust into my studio to do an unannounced sweep before recording a New York “Works for Business” campaign. To say that took me by surprise would certainly be an understatement.
What's your secret talent?
I can shred. I once was awarded first place (by Brian Baker of Minor Threat) in a metal guitar solo competition.
The key part to any soundtrack is?
I believe the most under-appreciated aspect of any soundtrack is tempo, often undervalued and sometimes entirely overlooked. Changing the tempo of the sound design can completely alter the mood and feel of a piece of content. The tempo is the heartbeat of the film.

Featured Work

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